Harris County Field Day 2018

2018 HCFFA Field Day Flier


Important Safety Item Highlights:

  • All PPE MUST be NFPA compliant (in date and have tags)
    • No tears or holes
    • All closures (Velcro or otherwise) are in place and in good working condition
  • Helmets must have an OEM face shield or approved goggles or both
  • If your evolution involves SCBA:
    • There will be NO facial hair in the seal  area of the facepiece.
    • OSHA and NFPA allow no more than a one-day growth of facial hair
  • Full length pants are required for all participants.  Shorts are strictly prohibited for any type of training outside the classroom.
  • Short sleeves are allowed, but sleeveless shirts (tank tops) are prohibited.
  • Closed-toed shoes MUST be worn at all times, regardless of classroom or exterior training exercises.

Loose jewelry, such as necklaces, hoop earrings and dangling earrings, is prohibited.  It is highly recommended that all piercings be removed for the duration of the training exercise/evolution for the individuals’ safety.